Step by Step Actionable SEO Techniques That Work GREAT in 2018

You have landed on this page because you are looking for step by step tutorial to adapt for your SEO project.

And why do you want to learn how to implement your SEO strategy.

Well either you are working on a startup and you want to get more attention


You are a beginner in SEO spectrum and want to enhance your expertise.

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Research your keyword

We all know that Google keeps changing there algorithms every year in order to keep the search engine on top of everyone else. But even after multiple changes in past few years. One thing is quite consistent i.e., keyword orientation for your content marketing.

So when I was writing this article on a holiday in Cornwall last week my 12-year-old asked me.

Papa what are you doing. I said nothing son, just writing an article about SEO.

My kid: what is keyword research papa? (pointing his fingers to my laptop screen)

Now that was the time when I realised well there are people who don’t understand what is keyword research. So I thought lets first understand what is keyword research and then indulge in how we can do our keyword research.

Keyword Research: This starts when someone key’s in some words into google search bar. So if I am looking for an Indian Restaurant. I would probably search on google. “Indian Restaurants Around Me” or maybe the location I am in “Indian Restaurants in Cornwall”

This simply explained that if a restaurant wants its website to be on top of search results for two key phrases I typed into the search box then they have to optimise their website for those keywords.

Now you know the basics of keyword research. Let’s head to the crucial part.

How can you do your keyword research?

There are many tools available online to do your keyword research. I have mentioned few below:

  1. Uber Suggest
  2. Keyword IO
  3. Google AdWords
  4. Bing Keyword Planner

My favourite out of this 4 is Google AdWords. Not just because it gives you lots of flexibilities. But also it saves all of your work in one place and then next time when you log in to your account. You can continue working on your research.

Now that you know which tools suit your needs. Follow steps below to do your keyword research:

  1. Research your target audience: It is very important to understand who are your potential users. If people randomly land on your page they are less likely to read your content. Which reduces your conversation rate. Hence I would strongly suggest that before starting your keyword research please make sure you understand your audience nature and their requirements.
  2. Come up with some potential keywords: By searching on Google and YouTube. You can potentially find lots of keywords for your target audience. Remember one thing. Not every keyword or key phrase which looks lucrative is good for you. You need to always focus on high conversion and low competition keywords.
  3. List them into a spreadsheet: Obviously, I don’t have to mention it but creating an inventory for your research is crucial. This enables you to keep your research all at once place. Remember addition to your potential keywords (long tail) Also store their competition and search volumes. This will help you at a later stage to pick right keywords for your campaign.
  4. Research some communities where you could find some hot questions about your keywords: Once you have come up with a list of keywords. This is the right time to go online and research some big communities. I would strongly suggest to go on: Quora, Reddit, Warrior Forum and Digital Point forum. You can see what your potential customers are talking about. What are there burning issues and how you can help them solve those issues?
  5. List down questions: As you have done your keyword research now its time to list down all questions which include your targetted keywords. Why I am saying questions? well because if you can answer questions related to your keywords that means you have enough knowledge about it. If not then you could do research on it in our next step.

Step 2: Write Articles

Obviously, as we are talking about the step by step SEO tutorial. Hence we need to exclude all paid sources of traffic and concentrate on only organic traffic from Google.

Now there are many naive SEO consultants who will advise you to start building backlinks for your website or create social networking pages and instantly you will start getting lots of traffic. Not just its not true at all but it is a very bad advice too.

No one in this world could deny’s that content is the king in Google’s eye. So what exactly one should do in order to get organic traffic. Which not just get more attention to your product and services but also convert those readers into customers.

Have you heard about Google’s New RankBrain Algorithm?

Source: Backlinko

You know very well that Google is focused to make its users experience perfect. And in order to achieve that they take all necessary actions. This Rank Brain is also a part of the similar exercise.

What is RankBrain?

Google has a machine learning artificial intelligence system which helps Google to improve its search results. This news was reported by Bloomberg and confirmed by Google.

So you might ask does RankBrain is the new way to rank on Google?

A big NO. RankBrain is just a part of Google’s full-fledged algorithm. It is just a small computer program which digs into billion of pages. Sort them smartly. And then gives suggestion to Google Search Engine, which pages are more relevant to any given queries.

Now that you understand how Google is ranking results. It is almost sure that you cannot and will not in future get the first rank until and unless you do a very good job and create an amazing piece of content for your readers.

So What is the best way by which you could create top-notch content on any given topic? Well, I would suggest the only way to create unique engaging content is Research Revise Research…

To write an article you need to first understand your audience. Which you have already done in the first step.

So now as you understand your readers and the topic. You need to get more and more statistics to support your research and expert statements.

My personal favourite is to reach out to industry expert and get there feedback. Because that will slice your whole research effort into the half.

Some online tools which I use to get statistics to support my articles are:

Above mentioned portal can provide you with an in-depth knowledge of related topics. Although you should cross-reference them if you are using any charts or data sets in your article. For example:

Instagram accounts with the most followers worldwide as of January 2018 (in millions)

source: Statista

Once you have all the elements which you would need to create an amazing article. Start writing with all of your concentration. Because it will take a while. And why I am saying it will take a while because I want you to draft an article at least of 2000 words long.

You must be thinking well who reads nowadays its the 21st century of videos and images. Well, not true.

There are still plenty of people who read online. I mean look at the stats showing how many people buy paperback books and kindle. That itself shows that people have not lost their interest in reading yet. Its just evolved. Now you need to provide interactive stuff in your article in order to keep your reader engaged and informed during the whole reading exercise.

So now as you are convinced you can start writing your article. You can use sell digital products online article writer which has all available research toolset for you. Or you can just write it on your computer.

It doesn’t matter!

What matters is if you really want to save your time then you can use new technology but if you rather a writer who prefers to trust on his own brain then it’s up to you.

You can also use look into this guide which I have written on medium. You will find an amazing template here which you can use to write articles fast.

Once you are done with your article writing please cross check with following:

  1. Your article should be between 1500 to 2500 words long
  2. The article has more than 3 to 4 images
  3. The article has at least 1 video embed
  4. The article has strictly no grammatical mistakes
  5. The article has a call to action
  6. Finally, you have keywords, meta tags, description for headers and social sharing sorted on your article.

Step 3: Create Backlinks

Now, most people think that creating good content for your website is more than enough.

Actually, it’s not! The real work starts here.

Before you dive into techniques I am going to share with you for link building. Here is my favourite guide which explains everything about link building by Brian Dean.

I am sure you will learn a lot from it. But the most powerful techniques I personally like is:

  1. Find broken links, create content for those links and then suggest authors update their blog posts.
  2. Guest Posting.
  3. Getting involved in online communities.

Here is few white hat techniques to build more backlinks

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