Step by Step Actionable SEO Techniques That Work GREAT in 2018

Step 1: Research your keyword

  1. Uber Suggest
  2. Keyword IO
  3. Google AdWords
  4. Bing Keyword Planner
  1. Research your target audience: It is very important to understand who are your potential users. If people randomly land on your page they are less likely to read your content. Which reduces your conversation rate. Hence I would strongly suggest that before starting your keyword research please make sure you understand your audience nature and their requirements.
  2. Come up with some potential keywords: By searching on Google and YouTube. You can potentially find lots of keywords for your target audience. Remember one thing. Not every keyword or key phrase which looks lucrative is good for you. You need to always focus on high conversion and low competition keywords.
  3. List them into a spreadsheet: Obviously, I don’t have to mention it but creating an inventory for your research is crucial. This enables you to keep your research all at once place. Remember addition to your potential keywords (long tail) Also store their competition and search volumes. This will help you at a later stage to pick right keywords for your campaign.
  4. Research some communities where you could find some hot questions about your keywords: Once you have come up with a list of keywords. This is the right time to go online and research some big communities. I would strongly suggest to go on: Quora, Reddit, Warrior Forum and Digital Point forum. You can see what your potential customers are talking about. What are there burning issues and how you can help them solve those issues?
  5. List down questions: As you have done your keyword research now its time to list down all questions which include your targetted keywords. Why I am saying questions? well because if you can answer questions related to your keywords that means you have enough knowledge about it. If not then you could do research on it in our next step.

Step 2: Write Articles

Source: Backlinko
source: Statista
  1. Your article should be between 1500 to 2500 words long
  2. The article has more than 3 to 4 images
  3. The article has at least 1 video embed
  4. The article has strictly no grammatical mistakes
  5. The article has a call to action
  6. Finally, you have keywords, meta tags, description for headers and social sharing sorted on your article.

Step 3: Create Backlinks

  1. Find broken links, create content for those links and then suggest authors update their blog posts.
  2. Guest Posting.
  3. Getting involved in online communities.




Imagination is the key to unlock the world. I am trying to unlock mine.

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Imagination is the key to unlock the world. I am trying to unlock mine.

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