How to host a covid-safe event?

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Everything is starting to reopen safely, which brings us excitement to get back to business and joy of being able to extend support to our teams once again!

We’ve missed hosting events, and we’ve missed working for our valuable clients. It has been a while since we have reconnected.

In the WFH (Work-from-Home) era, where home is the office, meeting people other than your work colleagues is something we all longed for all this time!

It’s time we get back together and work our magic, bring smiles, spread joy not germs.

Still, figuring how to make your event successful in this pandemic?

Don’t worry we got your back.

Here are some safety measures that we should take to make your event safe and successful for the attendees in this pandemic.


The number of attendees must be fixed and it should match the criteria of WHO rules and regulation for outside events.

The more the crowd, the more is the risk of spreading covid-19. Therefore, we must focus on setting a limit to the number of people who can attend the event.

Setting a limit lets you set the bar for ensuring the safety of attendees and staff for the event.

Although, we can now have COVID secure weddings, wedding receptions and funerals.

The UK government has set a strict limit of 15 as the maximum number of attendees that can attend any events, including guests and couples.

So, before you host an event, always check the government limit to attendees.


Venue or location must be big enough to accommodate everyone in your guest list and should be comfortable for the attendees joining the event. It should be spacious enough so that attendees could follow social distancing. Tape on floors or sidewalks and signs on walls must be placed to ensure that individuals remain feet apart in lines, seating areas and at all other times.

Ensure there is an ozone generator in the room for disinfection and purification of air, water, and the elimination of all viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The venue must not be claustrophobic, make sure the ventilation systems operate at all times because the health of attendees and staff is the no.1 priority for now.


The venue must be sanitized and covid safety-kits must be in place for all event coordinators.

Portable thermographic cameras or non-contact thermometers are best to check the temperature of every attendee gaining entry to the event.

Every attendee should carry their -ve covid test result,in order to attend the event and the result must be max: 48hr old.

Strict protocols must be in place to ensure attendees must wear masks and gloves at all times.

People with diabetes, asthma or any chronic breathing disease should be given ppe kits.

Also, the staff and attendees must be provided with guidelines and instructions to limit any form of physical contact. Staff must be trained and a medical team should be present in the event to counter any adverse situations.


Safety of all attendees in the guest list is the first step to restarting events and meetups. Once you gain the list of attendees to your event, it is important to screen them using contact tracing apps to prevent infections.

Apps such as NHS Covid-19 can be used to restrict entry to anyone who has come in contact with someone who tested positive. Checks should be made before allowing entry to attendees for an event.


Seating arrangements will be made in accordance to the safety standards of WHO.

Attendees must not come in direct contact; they should be seated in their allotted seats to maintain distance.

Signs must be in place to guide attendees to coordinate with social distancing protocols.

As we continue to return to hosting events at physical locations, it’s important to learn more on event seating.

There will be seated table service only, screens between seating or tables

no standing at the bar ,one-in-one-out system for toilets.


All WHO guidelines must be kept in mind while setting the age limit of attendees.

The virus COVID-19 infects people in all age groups.

According to the data evidence report by the UK government, suggests that two groups of people are at a higher risk.

Those with underlying medical conditions (such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes,These are older people (that is people over 60 years old); and chronic respiratory disease, and cancer). The risk gradually increases with age starting from around 40 years.

Elderly and children must be restricted from events. People above 45yrs are vulnerable to covid infections. Inviting them will not just affect their health but also impact other attendees and staff in the event.


There must be no paper or iPad available to touch, everything should be available on the attendee’s phone.

Use event management systems to manage bookings and send QR codes to your guests so they can access event tickets on their phone.

Practice contactless events and train your staff to help attendees do the same.

Every attendee can be allotted seats so it makes coordination easier. For example, tables/chairs with name tags to restrict unnecessary movement.

You can make the attendees follow all the safety measures by charging heavy fines on offenders.

So, when you are outside and you come across other people means the one you don’t live with, try to maintain more distance comparatively to people you live with, so the spread could be less.

These are just a few things that all the event organisers need to follow and Voilà.

Even COVID can’t stop you from hosting a face-to-face successful event.

Likewise, attendees are only going to take the risk to step out if they are certain about health & safety at events. To be fair it is the bare minimum to ensure during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know COVID is not going unless we all fight against it and at the same time make the best of what we have by taking preventive measures to resume our lives.

Check out WHO & UK GOV guidelines for health & safety and host face-to-face events.These measures are not meant to be taken lightly.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and do follow the guidelines for successful events.

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