How To Crack Open Ended Questions for Google Interview — Leaked Questions with Answers

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First Question 1#

You are in charge of organising the grand opening event of a new Google office.

  1. Where’s the new Google office?
    - Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  2. Is there a budget?
    - You can decide the budget There was a similar event in the New York City office last year and their budget was $50,000.
  3. How many people are attending?
    - 100 people

Remember the framework:

First, you took a moment before responding.

  1. Sending out a post event survey to the attendees to measure impact against the intended objective,
  2. Capacity to stay within budget
  3. Number of attendees.
  4. And Will my project plan be used to plan future grand openings?

Second Question 2#

  1. Has anyone done this recently? — Is there anyone still working within the organisation that has done it.
    It doesn’t have to be at the same scale hiring the same types of roles, but that’s my first question.
    It’s critical for me to not try and reinvent the wheel. So the first area I’m going to go is find out if we open a new office recently in another location, and if I can utilise that data for success, assuming this hasn’t happened.
  2. A second question would be, is an acquisition possible? Is this something that the organisation would look into in this new market?
    Could we potentially hire 30 or 40 of those engineers through an acquisition and then really streamline and up tick, the amount of time it takes to get 50 hires?
    Now, if neither of these options are available.
    You know, some of my initial thoughts and questions would be;
  3. What is my deadline timeline to hire?
  4. What is my budget?
  5. Have we actually identified this location?
  6. Do we have a recruiting plan?
  7. Will I be able to you utilise current staff to help with my interviewing?
  1. What types of engineers Am I looking for front end, back end,full stack?
  2. Am I looking for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial engineers?
  3. And then what is our leadership plan? Are we just going to hire leaders to build and stack this team specifically, or we’re going to be able to transfer some leads in to help build and grow the team?



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