How do you feel when you face betrayal?

Some of you might already know that I usually don’t write about feelings or emotions.

I usually write about science, technology, business, and lifestyle. But today I want to share something which focuses on feelings.

This is the story about me and my four other friends who recently acquainted with each other at a gym.

After the lockdown ended, I started going to gym, which is located in my locality.

I started working out there, and within a few weeks, I started talking to a few people.

Out of those few people, I managed to make friends with four other individuals.

Basically, including me, there are five members in our group. Two girls and three boys.

David, Kamini, Andy, Maria and Neil (names changed for privacy reasons).

Now, as we live in a digital world. We started connecting with each other on phone, and we created a WhatsApp group.

That said, we started talking about each other’s life, we got to know each other.

We started going out for coffee, drinks, and whatnot.

We became perfect friends, and we thought that we could trust each other because it felt like we could.

We started consulting with each other on different occasions.

Furthermore, we never usually lie to each other, and most importantly we all respected each other.

But after three long months, and 15,000 messages on WhatsApp. One day, in the evening.

Andy, received a call from our coach (Mr Raman). Where he started moaning.

He said, “You guys have created a group, and now you speak ill about me behind my back!”

He specifically mentioned that he got hurt and this is not going to work out any more. So all 5 of you, please do not come to the gym from tomorrow onwards.

That was actually true because a day before this incident.

Neil’s father visited the gym, just to see if his son is in the gym working out and not doing any funny business outside.

And because this happened, the coach, informed, a couple of members in our group, that, yes, one of your dad came, and he was inquiring about your whereabouts.

And when this information actually floated around, every single person in the gym, got to know about it.

And that’s why, In the evening, we all started chatting in the group talking to each other, that this coach actually spread any piece of information around without even thinking twice.

David: mentioned that this coach is not reliable with sensitive information.

Whereas Andy actually wrote an abuse word for Mr. Raman.

But later in the evening, when Mr Raman called Andy (who actually used that abuse word in the chat) and asked him why you are ill speaking about me.

Andy denied!

So Mr Raman took a picture of the WhatsApp chat and sent it to him so that he can make his point.

Now you can understand here that we were five friends, and one of us received a call saying that you all are speaking ill about the coach on WhatsApp chat.

And on top of that he received a screenshot also.

Which actually proves that yes, we were speaking ill about our coach.

The point here is, who betrayed the group, and showed the whole chat to the coach.

Because ultimately, it’s the matter of privacy.

It turned out that one of the girls in our group betrayed us. Yes, you guessed it right, it was Kamini.

We all got to know that she has a gossip queen personality and a habit to pass on any important information to the coach, or any other member in the gym, and create misunderstandings among individuals and then gossip about it.

This created a massive discomfort around the group. And we ultimately removed that girl from our group.

But what I really wanted to discuss in this article today is how do you feel when you get betrayed?

I mean, this is a very small incident happened in my life, after a very long time when I felt betrayed.

But isn’t it same as any other betrayal?

Because, ultimately, you lose your mind. You get stressed, and you think that you trusted someone blindly.

And that’s why that person was able to betray you.

After all, the only person who can betray you is the person whom you trust, isn’t it?


After this experience, I think everyone needs to go through this kind of betrayal in their life, in order to understand;

The origin of Betrayal is Trust.
- H Lonare




Imagination is the key to unlock the world. I am trying to unlock mine.

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Imagination is the key to unlock the world. I am trying to unlock mine.

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