[HllO Presents] — Indian Super Hero Series (SONCHAPA) — Doctor Sala

With in few minutes Ali has been taken to another room. One doctor has attended him and saw all those nails, parts of glasses penetrated on his back.

He treated him and got everything out in a operation theater.

Here in a different room. This doctor who was attending Bharat was looking at him with cunning eyes. He felt like he has found something precious. And he wanted to steal it but his hands are tight.

He asked one nurse to mark Bharat with his name on his hand and make sure it reference to Ali next door. He got out of the room and rushed to the Research Center in the hospital.

There he spoke to one of the Senior researcher and mentioned to him what he saw just now. At first the resercher laghed at him and accused him of been high on drugs.

But later he agreed to walk with him to the room where Bharat is kept and see things himself. They started walking and just before they reach doctor saw the nurse whom he asked to mark Bharat.

Doctor: which room you have kept bharat after marking.

Nurse: in 113 sir.

Doctor: Ok

Doctor and Researcher started walking towards room number 113. They entered the room. Bharat was just there in a Cradle. He was not happy but neither crying. His eyes was just waiting to see his father.

A father who has just saved his life from a terror attack.

Doctor pulled out a small blade from his pocked and turned this innocent child.

Doctor: now see…

He made a small cut on Bharat's thigh. And with in few seconds it got perfectly fine.

Researchers eye got a twinkle suddenly. And he snatched the blade from doctor. And cut a larger portion on his back.

This time it took more than 10 seconds but it got filled and recovered perfectly.

This made both of them very very uncomfortable.

Researcher asked doctor whom did this child come with. Doctor replied with one of the victim of the bomb blast.

Researcher: where is he now?

Doctor: I dont know, but we can ask at the desk.

Researcher: No time. This is big. This is so bigger than anything else happening in the whole country.

I have to take this child with me and understand how he is doing this.

Doctor: I can’t let you take him.

Researcher: well if you want to make 1000,000 INR then you have to.

Doctor: what would I tell his father.

Researcher: just tell him that his son has died.

I will go and get the ambulance ready to ship this child to a better research lab. Till then you get things ready here. Get is mark removed.

Doctor: ok i will wait for you.

Researcher went back to his lab and started making few calls. Doctor removed Bharat’s tag and started removing records from the hospital registry system on a computer.

Meanwhile Ali got back into his consciousness.

He opened his eyes and with a very slow voice asked: where is my son?

The nurse attending Ali mentioned. Don’t worry your son is all ok. He is in another room. And there is a doctor attending him.

After listening to nurse Ali went back to rest. After few hours he woke up.

The first thing he asked again was his wish to see his son.

The Nurse and the doctor both ignored his ask. They kept doing there job and was not responding to Ali.

Then he started getting restless and shout: Why are you people not letting me see my son.

The same doctor who sold Bharat came back into the room and informed that Bharat is no more.

Ali was shocked. How could this be possible. You said that he is all ok when you first diagnosed him. And the nurse also mentioned to me he is all good.

Ali’e eye were full of tears. He was crying out loud from inside and shedding tears from outside. It felt like his whole world has been taken away from him.

He started taking of his IV syringes.

Ale: where is my son. Where is his body I want to see him now. He got up and dressed up quickly. All of his cloths were torn-ed up anyways.

Doctor advised him not to wake up. He needed more rest. But Ali was so impatient.

He picked doctors color and said : I am going to ask you last time. Where is Bharat.

Doctor with a voice of fear: He has been taken to another facility.

Ali: where is it, give me the address.

Doctor: wrote down the address on a piece of paper.

He was so scared that he forgot he was writing actual address for the research lab.

Ali has noticed that the name of the research lab was Sonchapa Research Lab. This was one of the best research center of country.

He got frightened and started thinking; why would a little child has been taken to this research lab. One part of his mind was not accepting that Bharat is dead. And other part is struggling to accept; what he saw just before he fainted in the hospital.

He got out of this hospital and hired a TukTuk. He asked the driver to take him to this research center. During his commute his mind was just thinking about one thing.

I will do whatever it takes to get my son back.

He reached to the research center and got inside. He asked reception about his son.

Ali: You have a kid shifted from Mahavir hospital here. His name is Bharat. Could you please check it and let me know where he is.

Receptionist: I am sorry sir we don’t have anyone with this name. Let me check if someone has arrived from Mahavir hospital.

After checking for few minutes. She replied that nobody with this name or age has been shifted into Sonchapa Center.

Ali insisted her to check it properly and loosen up his temper. But eventually He was kicked out by security and left on the road.

He felt dejected and helpless. So he sat down on the road and called out his god.

Allah please help me…

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