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Initially known as Tiny Speck, the company we now know as Slack first worked on a Flash-based online game called Glitch, which developers around the country worked on for close to four years. [10] [12] Yet at some point, the team became less interested in Glitch and more interested in IRC, “the ’80s era communication tool they were using to collaborate over long distances and long periods of time.” [12] The team appreciated that IRC allowed them to focus in on projects while tuning out other email inbox noise, and it wasn’t long before the entire company pivoted toward communications…

Jan Koum founded WhatsApp in April of 2009, and the earliest version of the app was available for download in Apple’s App Store the following month. Run on the programming language Erlang, WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that serves as a reliable, affordable alternative to SMS and MMS — for which carriers often charge per-message.

Right now, WhatsApp is free for the first year and then just .99 cents per year after that. If it sounds overly simplistic, that’s not by accident. Koum has frequently been quoted as saying he wants to “do one thing, and do it well”…

Collecting payments in your React Native app consists of creating an object to track a payment on your server, collecting card information in your app, and submitting the payment to Stripe for processing.

Stripe uses a payment object, called a PaymentIntent, to track and handle all the states of the payment until it’s completed, including situations like two-factor authentication when the bank requires customer intervention.

1. Setup Stripe:


This integration requires endpoints on your server that talk to the Stripe API. Use our official libraries for access to the Stripe API from your server:

# Install the PHP library via Composer
composer require…

Over the past tweleve years I’ve helped companies build their own app stores, plugin marketplaces and partner listings using Laravel. In that time, I’ve learned first hand about the headaches of implementing marketplace payments for large SaaS and hardware platforms.

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of hidden work and complexity involved — especially when buyers and sellers are located internationally.

Therefore, my goal today is to talk about my experiences and present comparisons to help you make the best decision possible when setting up marketplace payments for your platform.

What Are Marketplace Payments?

Marketplace payments aren’t considered traditional e-commerce. In traditional e-commerce there is one…

React Hook Form

Performant, flexible and extensible forms with easy-to-use validation. Reducing the amount of code you need to write, and removing unnecessary re-renders are some of the primary goals of React Hook Form.

How to install

React Native Select Picker

Customized select picker (just like <select> in html) that renders the same on iOS and Android

I have been working on a new project in the evenings and realised that whenever I move my app to a new server or even a localenvironment. I have to export the whole MySql database and then import it back to the new server.

After looking for a while I found that Laravel actually provides a super quick solution for you to actually create your database structure as well as generate fake data.

Isn’t thats great.

If you’re just starting out with Laravel, some of the first few questions that you’ll come across are:

  • What is the difference between Seeders…

If you are a React-Native developer or looking to start development of your mobile apps in React Native and you want to make sure that as per your users choice your react native app must adapt the dark or light theme then you are at the right place.

In this article I will explain to you how you can achieve dark theme support in your react native app based on your users settings on their devices.

Dark Mode was introduced in iOS 13. It adds a darker theme to iOS and allows you to do the same for your app…

About netcup The company netcup from Karlsruhe offers web hosting accounts, domains and servers. There are now over 100,000 customers at netcup. What distinguishes netcup? For one thing, definitely the price. If you…

What is was released in 2017 with the aim of helping designers contribute to the open source community to provide design skills to everyone.

For example, a website was published that contains countless SVG images. These can also be downloaded as normal PNG images.

The unDraw graphics can be integrated free of charge and without reference to the author.

Why should you look for an unDraw alternative at all?

However, became more and more popular, including from…

Skip The Trial & Error. Get A Proven Formula Instead!
Why waste your time and money creating landing pages that don’t convert. Skip that BS and get conversions without “inspiration” and useless iterations.

I use this with all of my projects! It’s a turn-key process that I’ve perfected over the years, here are some of the results so you know what’s possible.

Increased # Of Demos, Lead Quality And Conversions From PPC Pages

John Jackson — CEO, FLG

“Hit the maximum amount of demos per day”

B2B SaaS Client


Imagination is the key to unlock the world. I am trying to unlock mine.

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