9 Top Try Shift Alternative (free/paid)

7 min readJan 29, 2022

Finally, you have started working on your startup app. And now you are juggling between various apps on your Chrome browser.

Ohh, how can I forgot about the mail app, desktop WhatsApp, your DB management native app, discord, VS Code, personal and business email etc.

And you googled about how I can manage all these apps together in one place.

And Voilà, you found Shift, an app which works cross device and you fall in love with it.

Alternative to shift

But wait…

The trial finished, and now you cannot add more than 3 apps into your account.

And that annoying mail sent via shift signature on your all outgoing emails.

Huh…. Not good, isn’t it.

So what you could do now?

Well, you could look at the top alternatives to shift I have curated here for you and choose which one you want to use to become more productive.

1# Rambox:

The first version of Rambox came out on May 6, 2016, called Rambox Community Edition. That version was free and, between us, quite beta 🤐. As more users joined, and we started updating it, we saw that there was room to create something bigger, more robust and more complete: Rambox Pro.

Rambox Pro saw the light in 2018 and from that moment we have added more people to the team, and we will not stop growing.

In 2021, they decided to unify the CE and Pro versions in a single program to make the use and updates much easier.

2# Ferdi

All your apps in one place, Ferdi helps you organize how you use your favourite apps by combining them into one application.

Ferdi is not associated with any company or startup — Just some developers who are passionate about this project.

Currently, there are over 70 contributors working on Ferdi — not only developers, but also designers and people with great ideas:

If you want to contribute to Ferdi, too, take a look at https://github.com/getferdi/ferdi for more information about the project or https://github.com/getferdi/ferdi/issues to find a list of bug reports and feature requests others have posted.

3# Biscuit

You can easily access your favourite apps. Set your favourite apps on Biscuit, and they will function immediately. You won’t need to spend time looking for your apps within your mountain of tabs.

Clearly separate your work and your personal stuff, keep on top of your work and personal accounts. Individual sessions for each app sessions are not shared within the browser, meaning each app operates privately. Apps like Google, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and their accounts will be isolated and will perform safely.

Related tabs will be organized automatically Links to Google Drive in your Gmail or links on Backlog will automatically open as tabs from the app.

4# Station

Station is the first open-source smart browser for busy people. A single place for all of your web applications.

Station automatically groups your pages by application. Your workspace is cleaner than ever, finding what you need is easy. An easy, central way to search across your apps and pages. Any document, to-do list, spreadsheet or conversation is just a click away!

Decide when and which applications should send you notifications. Get your best work done away from distractions.

5# Stack Browser

It’s July 2018… Stack is born… tagline — Tweetdeck for Social Media!

Started as a side-project… very soon morphed into an ambitious plan — building the Browser for Productivity, and later the First Operating System for the Internet.

There were many tagines in between.

Everything went exactly as it is written in textbooks: Side-project… funding from Friends & Family… early MVP… TechCrunch Top Pick… 1st Accelerator… Product Hunt launch… MacRumors product of the year… first Angel investment… a trip to San-Francisco…

They even called themselves a perfect textbook startup… It was fun… not bad… but usual… nothing special… nothing outstanding… until March 23, 2020.

6# Wavebox

With customizable toolbars, sleeping tabs, cookie containers, and multiple profiles, Wavebox has everything you need to work better across Slack, Asana, Gmail, Teams, Figma, and all your other daily web tools.

  • Tab organizing, sleep, and search.
  • Containers for multi-accounts.
  • Profiles for multiple setups.
  • High performance, longer battery life.
  • Zero ads or tracking.

Focus your team with a fast and secure browser that’s built for the job. Remove distractions, enhance apps with great new features, and improve machine performance to increase productivity across your entire organization with Wavebox.

Whether working remotely or in the office, you’ll feel in control with workspaces. Pre-load company apps, and create shortcuts for key docs and links, then share with your team.

7# Front

It began as the dream of a young child in France: what if people actually enjoyed the experience of work? That’s what drove CEO and Co-founder Mathilde Collin to build Front.

Today, this dream serves as our guiding light. We’re on a mission to make work happier for every knowledge worker on Earth. But how can software accomplish that? By allowing you to:

  • See the impact you have on your team and your customers.
  • Feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Focus on work in the moment, and truly disconnect when work is done.

And when people are working happier, something magical happens. Your team is happier — and your customers are too.

Powering the Heart of Business™

Behind every amazing business is, well, people: a team and customers. And no matter what industry you’re in or where you’re located, it’s those human-to-human interactions that make your experience with a business truly stand out.

At Front, that’s what we call the heart of business — those moments when your team and customers connect. And through our customer communication hub, we are serving 7,000+ companies around the globe.

8# Franz

When Stefan started building Franz in 2016, he saw that being part of different communities often requires you to use different messaging platforms. So he set out to solve a problem that he shared with millions of people around the world: You end up with lots of different apps and browser windows, having trouble staying on top of your messages and chats. Driven by that, Stefan built Franz — a revolutionary one-step solution to an everyday problem.

Fast-forward to today, and he’s working closely with the amazing Franz team to keep improving the productivity of the Franz Community across the globe.

9# Sidekick

Sidekick is designed for the ultimate online work experience and brings together every web tool you use.

Today, anyone who works in a browser fights to stay organized. Tabs are out of control, browser windows are all over the place, and desktop apps may work on their own, but they don’t integrate well with the rest of your work on the web.

Sidekick changes all of that.

You spend 90% of your time working in web applications. So we reimagined the browser UX around apps — a better way to work in the most productive applications on the web.

Never fumble through your browser history again. Call upon Sidekick’s built-in search bar with a single shortcut. Search across all your apps, tabs, and workspaces in seconds.




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