9 Life Lessons I have Learned the Hard Way

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I have leaned few lessons along my life journey. Following are some lessons I have learned the hard way. I hope this will help you in some way.

1. Money buys you freedom. And freedom is a privilege.

  • Having a situation where you can choose among options is a luxury
  • Money brings this luxury more than anything else

2. Learning how to love ourselves is this journey called life.

  • Life becomes much easier when we are confident
  • self-confidence comes from self-love

3. To not have a plan and be okay with it is the best plan.

  • Life is too uncertain for all of our plans to work perfectly
  • Having patience while riding in uncertainty is a super-power

4. The easiest way to learn from mistakes is to read books. The next option is to commit those mistakes yourself.

  • It’s true said: “book readers are leaders”
  • Reading good books is a sure shot way to achieve more in less time (by avoiding possible pitfalls)

5. Being in control of your time is being in control of your life.

  • Using productivity tools and apps will help only when you’re conscious and feel responsible for your time
  • Everyday is a new opportunity, don’t waste it

6. Do not try and remember anything. Write it down; keep a calendar.

  • Delegate things as far as you can and free your mind space
  • Things will become less overwhelming and more organized this way

7. Compounding is the biggest miracle of life.

  • Habits >>> resolutions
  • Success comes from adopting small good habits and practicing those seemingly boring stuffs for exceptionally long period of time

8. Destiny is what happens to you. Life is how you choose to react to it.

  • Perspective towards life is subjective
  • Someone can have a lot of troubles and still be happy and vice-versa is also true

9. The hardest thing in the world is to tell yourself that it’s not hard at all.

  • Needs no further interpretation

So that is it for this article. Hope you find it useful.




Imagination is the key to unlock the world. I am trying to unlock mine.

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Imagination is the key to unlock the world. I am trying to unlock mine.

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